Prof. Valentin Todorov

Prof. Valentin Todorov was born in Maluk Vurshets, Gabrovo region. In 1968, he earned his B.A. from the Chemical and Technological Institute in Sofia. During 1974 he began work at the National Institute of Monuments and Culture as the director of the Central Research Laboratory. In 1988 he defended his thesis "An objective evaluation of polymers and resins, used as protective surfaces, binders, and adhesives in restorations". Since 2004 he has been a professor in the department of restoration at NHA. Part of his achievements are connected to his efforts to introduce new materials and technologies, the testing of old techniques and technologies of previous scholars, studying the destructive processes and their effects on cultural monuments. He is the author of over 80 scientific and applied sciences studies in Bulgarian and international publications.
Prof. Todorov participates in many projects of conservation and restoration of archaeological monuments, such as the "Neolithic houses" in Stara Zagora, The Madara Horseman, The Alexandrovska Tomb, the Thracian tomb near Sveshtari, Bachkovo ossuary, and many more.
From 2016 onwards, Prof. Todorov is a consultant for terrain conservation and restoration of the prehistoric salt production and urban center, Provadiya-Solnitsata.