The team

Learn more about the team of Provadia-Solnitsata

Тhe prehistoric salt-production and urban center - Provadia-Solnitsata is already world-renowned, but it is due to the hard work of the archaeological team led by Corr. Prof. Vasil Nikolov from the National Archaeological Institute and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. During the first year of field surveys (2005), the team consisted of four archaeologists, and during the current archeological season on-site work there are archaeologists, restorers, bioarchaeologist, paleobotanist, a total of 15 people. The team of NAIM - BAS and the Provadia Museum of History is composed of renowned scientists, young archaeologists, doctors’ degree students, museum specialists, and restorers: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krum Bachvarov, Peter Leshchakov, Galina Samichkova, Nikolay Hristov, Todor Dyakov, Margarita Lyuncheva, Sevdalina Zhecheva, Stoyan Trifonov, Violeta Stoitsova, Yordanka Ilieva, Deniz Kaya (Notre Dame, USA), Orhan Kaya, Dr. Kathleen McSweeney (Edinburgh, UK), Maria Slavkova, Prof. Valentin Todorov. These are the people who have been able to "read" into the illiterate past of Provadia-Solnitsata and show the enormous importance of this complex for the prehistoric heritage of Europe.